Christmas has been and gone this year.I had so much fun with my family and I hope everyone else did too.If you don’t celebrate Christmas I hope you had a wonderful day!

Many people are extremely lucky on Christmas , they get new gadgets and whatever they ask for.Other people are not as lucky and don’t mind if they dont get much.

For the lucky people it slowly starts turning into a competition, seeing who has the best gift.People start to forget how to be thankful for their gifts and they get disappointed if they get the wrong colour , shape etc. 

Christmas isn’t about presents its about spending time with your family and friends (even if they are pets!)

Ok we all know that I am a terrible writer most of the time so I called in my friend Little Owl to tell you a little something:

How many of you got ultimate presents this year?  Whether it was for Christmas , your birthday or any other special holiday, it’s amazing if you got exactly what you wished for.Honestly I was thrilled to get a pair of socks and a book for Christmas! But sometimes we compete for the best present. I understand it must seem kind of lame but if you truly love something like reading there is no need for anything more! Appreciate what you have because someone else might have something completeley different but the value if the gift is the same. 

Ok now Blogity Blogger is back and I agree with eveything whatcwas wrote . I love reading and it always makes me feel satisfied.

 Tell me what you thought of todays post in the comments down below!

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I’m clumsy deal with it 😶

OK so here’s one thing you may not know about me , I’m extremely clumsy .No joke, when i was about 4 I always managed to get my thumb caught on everything and anything!

It seems that my clumsiness grows with along with my height!About a week ago I could not feel my face(I bet half of you have started singing ‘About a week ago’ or ‘I cant feel my face ‘) because I had managed to walk into doors and drop things on my face!

Who else is SUPER clumsy?
I know this is a rubish post but it was rushed as I was ill and couldn’t look at my phone without feeling sick.I’m sorry but at least it can only go up from here!

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Seriously… you said you were my friend 😭

When I was 4 I met a girl who was afew months older than me,lets call her Rain as she now rains on my every parade. It turned out we were going to the same school ,wich was really exciting for me at that age with no siblings.Me and Rain grew close and for the first few years of our friendship I thought she was amazing ,we were together through thick and thin.

To be honest it’s not like this anymore as these last few years I have started to ser the real her.

**flash back time**

In year 6 I was going through a hard time and I cried alot at school. I never told anyone why apart from a trusted teaching assistant .Later on I found out that she was saying that I was a cry baby and alot of other names and it just put me in another terrible state.Rain continued to do stuff that would make me feel bad about anything and everything she could ,no joke.She actually tried to make me feel bad about wearing arm bands because she didn’t have any wich still baffles me because she can swim and I can’t!

**flash back over**

I still know this girl and I am still around her because avoiding her is easier said than done.

Let me know if ypu have a simlar problem or any tips let me know down below .Dont forget to give me some post suggestions while your at it!
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There were once a group of 3 girls in my school who would always argue because only 2 of them could play together because the 3rd person would be left out. It was like each girl needed atleast on persons full attention.My point is people crave attention like when someone posts a picture of theme  and the caption is saying how ugly they are 

it’s a call for attention. All they want is you to feel sorry for them and tell them how beautiful they look. Attention is like a drug,people think they need it to survive and be happy but you don’t! That’s why people have their heads low because  they don’t like attention.It can make people feel like they’re better than everyone else.Alll I’m really trying to say is be careful.

Let me know what you think in the comments down below😃.

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Hello world!

I’ve decided to start a blog ,this blog. I’m going to be completely honest, this blog started in a notebook and I slowly started to run out of ideas for my posts and that’s when I realised it was time to start putting by blog out there.On the internet .

Before I start posting I should let you know this is an anonymous blog so everyone will have code names .

I guess that is all for now thank you for reading.(if anyone is actually reading )let me know what you think in the comments down below and recomend something for me to write about.

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