Seriously… you said you were my friend 😭

When I was 4 I met a girl who was afew months older than me,lets call her Rain as she now rains on my every parade. It turned out we were going to the same school ,wich was really exciting for me at that age with no siblings.Me and Rain grew close and for the first few years of our friendship I thought she was amazing ,we were together through thick and thin.

To be honest it’s not like this anymore as these last few years I have started to ser the real her.

**flash back time**

In year 6 I was going through a hard time and I cried alot at school. I never told anyone why apart from a trusted teaching assistant .Later on I found out that she was saying that I was a cry baby and alot of other names and it just put me in another terrible state.Rain continued to do stuff that would make me feel bad about anything and everything she could ,no joke.She actually tried to make me feel bad about wearing arm bands because she didn’t have any wich still baffles me because she can swim and I can’t!

**flash back over**

I still know this girl and I am still around her because avoiding her is easier said than done.

Let me know if ypu have a simlar problem or any tips let me know down below .Dont forget to give me some post suggestions while your at it!
Blogity Blogger is saying “good bye”❤️


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