Ok so this is going to be a Blogity Blogger Bite as it is possible the story is going to be super short… 

Wich brings me to my apology for typing shirt instead of short in my last post! 

Back to my original subject: I have always tried to please everyone for as long as I can remember and it has always ended with me feeling down! It wasn’t recently that I realised I should just stop and think what I want for once not everyone else.

I’m sorry for the rubish quality of this post and the over use of ‘!’ .

Blogity Blogger is saying goodbye ❤️


Not enough time in the day…

Hiya everyone Little Owl speaking! So I’m about to post something that I’m not sure everyone can at this moment in time can relate to, so if you cannot then i do apologize but hopefully you will enjoy the post anyway!

So I have a lot to do. And before you say anything i haven’t left ALL my work to the last minute (well not most of it!) and i have started to get kinda stressed if something goes wrong or I don’t get enough of my work done.
It’s really hard to take a breather if I have piles of work to complete for a deadline and have ,for example, to print a piece of work with so many spelling and grammar mistakes! (first world country problems!)

I find this really hard even if I would normally enjoy what I am doing and then there is things like books that need to be read, movies that need to be watched that I could be doing instead – it makes the whole thing a nightmare!
But please don’t think I am just here to complain! I have realised I need to take a break to chill out if something isn’t finished on time! Actually it is not the end of the world!

So please if you can relate to anything I am rambling on about – DON’T STRESS! It will turn out okay. If everything is not okay then it’s not the end and YOU can make it right!
Thank you very much for reading this ,go and read blogityblogger’s latest post if you haven’t already ’cause it’s epic!
C ya later , Little Owl


So today’s post will only be short because once again I’m running out of ideas.Please comment down below in what you would like us to write about.Thats right US ,I thought it would be amazing to have more than one person after she helped me on the ‘Competition ‘ . So now we are a blogging pair😄.

Back to the post , there are many people in this world that have high expectations from their friends and some of there friends will do their best to please that friend(me). You may thing this is no big deal but while doing their best to make this one friend happy thay are probably trying to please other friends. People say you need to stop trying to please everyone because you’ll ended pleasing no one including your self but I stuggle following this ‘rule’ , I guess it’s just in my nature.Does anyone else feel this way?

Today (Friday) Rain was complaining that she had hurt her foot when doing a handstand (Monday). I have put the days because I’m going to tell you how she injured her foot in the process of doing a handstand.

So we are doing gymnastics in P.E and I was working with Rain and the task was that one person had to do a handstand while the other held the legs of the person doing a handstand (I hope that made sense 😂) .Rain couldn’t get her legs her high enough so I couldn’t catch them and on one of her last attempts she got pretty high then landed on one foot and claiming she hurt her foot.One more thing I also had injuries on my knees from the beginning of the lesson preventing me from bending them properly. ALL of this was from Monday .

All of this is from Friday.I have been off school ill for a couple of days and I go to catch up with Rain and she says ‘I can’t walk properly, it was because you weren’t looking when I did that handstand ‘ then she went on telling teachers and giving me a pointed look. To be honest  I was looking when she did that handstand and if I wasn’t  I don’t get how me not looking at a handstand that she didn’t get that close to my hand effect how you land! 

Happy New Year!

Hiya ,so this is little owl speaking and I have been given the honour of writing my own post! As you would have guessed by now my writing is not all that good as this blog is kinda new to me so wish me luck!

As you would have guessed this post is talking about what is to come in the new year! And before you click the off the page I’m not going to write about a fresh start , New Years Resolutions or beginning something new this very instant. Because even though trying something different is important (anyone could really tell you that) it can happen at any time of the year!

Seriously usually I’m stubborn and have pre-conceived ideas and if anything vaguely new happens I refuse to try or just make it a miserable experience! And then it ruins my day which means I am being just plain stupid! So i would just like to say if something random or unexpected happens then enjoy it because it has happened and only you can make the best of it!

Honestly from the limited experience I have this is what i think you should try now ,tomorrow ,whenever something happens happens! (Did any of that make sense? Probably not!)

Well thats my ramble over for now! See ya from Little Owl!