Happy New Year!

Hiya ,so this is little owl speaking and I have been given the honour of writing my own post! As you would have guessed by now my writing is not all that good as this blog is kinda new to me so wish me luck!

As you would have guessed this post is talking about what is to come in the new year! And before you click the off the page I’m not going to write about a fresh start , New Years Resolutions or beginning something new this very instant. Because even though trying something different is important (anyone could really tell you that) it can happen at any time of the year!

Seriously usually I’m stubborn and have pre-conceived ideas and if anything vaguely new happens I refuse to try or just make it a miserable experience! And then it ruins my day which means I am being just plain stupid! So i would just like to say if something random or unexpected happens then enjoy it because it has happened and only you can make the best of it!

Honestly from the limited experience I have this is what i think you should try now ,tomorrow ,whenever something happens happens! (Did any of that make sense? Probably not!)

Well thats my ramble over for now! See ya from Little Owl!


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