So today’s post will only be short because once again I’m running out of ideas.Please comment down below in what you would like us to write about.Thats right US ,I thought it would be amazing to have more than one person after she helped me on the ‘Competition ‘ . So now we are a blogging pair😄.

Back to the post , there are many people in this world that have high expectations from their friends and some of there friends will do their best to please that friend(me). You may thing this is no big deal but while doing their best to make this one friend happy thay are probably trying to please other friends. People say you need to stop trying to please everyone because you’ll ended pleasing no one including your self but I stuggle following this ‘rule’ , I guess it’s just in my nature.Does anyone else feel this way?

Today (Friday) Rain was complaining that she had hurt her foot when doing a handstand (Monday). I have put the days because I’m going to tell you how she injured her foot in the process of doing a handstand.

So we are doing gymnastics in P.E and I was working with Rain and the task was that one person had to do a handstand while the other held the legs of the person doing a handstand (I hope that made sense 😂) .Rain couldn’t get her legs her high enough so I couldn’t catch them and on one of her last attempts she got pretty high then landed on one foot and claiming she hurt her foot.One more thing I also had injuries on my knees from the beginning of the lesson preventing me from bending them properly. ALL of this was from Monday .

All of this is from Friday.I have been off school ill for a couple of days and I go to catch up with Rain and she says ‘I can’t walk properly, it was because you weren’t looking when I did that handstand ‘ then she went on telling teachers and giving me a pointed look. To be honest  I was looking when she did that handstand and if I wasn’t  I don’t get how me not looking at a handstand that she didn’t get that close to my hand effect how you land! 


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