Not enough time in the day…

Hiya everyone Little Owl speaking! So I’m about to post something that I’m not sure everyone can at this moment in time can relate to, so if you cannot then i do apologize but hopefully you will enjoy the post anyway!

So I have a lot to do. And before you say anything i haven’t left ALL my work to the last minute (well not most of it!) and i have started to get kinda stressed if something goes wrong or I don’t get enough of my work done.
It’s really hard to take a breather if I have piles of work to complete for a deadline and have ,for example, to print a piece of work with so many spelling and grammar mistakes! (first world country problems!)

I find this really hard even if I would normally enjoy what I am doing and then there is things like books that need to be read, movies that need to be watched that I could be doing instead – it makes the whole thing a nightmare!
But please don’t think I am just here to complain! I have realised I need to take a break to chill out if something isn’t finished on time! Actually it is not the end of the world!

So please if you can relate to anything I am rambling on about – DON’T STRESS! It will turn out okay. If everything is not okay then it’s not the end and YOU can make it right!
Thank you very much for reading this ,go and read blogityblogger’s latest post if you haven’t already ’cause it’s epic!
C ya later , Little Owl


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