Hello! Little Owl speaking , I’m kinda free-styling on today’s post so I apologise if you can’t relate!
So what have you done today? What activities have you done this week, did you already anticipate them or plan them out? How did you interact with people? Do you remember any of these conversations?

Because i will say something to someone and maybe, they will not react the way I thought they would and then instantly my mind is like: did i offend them? What did I say? And then I feel so bad for saying something although I’m not even sure offended them! Like it’s so crazy because half the time I was just discussing something normal like ,a TV program I think is funny! I spend the entire night replaying that conversation.
I have concluded I need to chill out because most of the time they are perfectly fine talking the next day ,like nothing ever happened! Because 99.9% of the time I probably said nothing wrong!

I am even doing it now checking this post making sure I come across like I exactly want too! Don’t get me wrong ,it’s good to be aware of others and want to be kind but I think everyone needs an independant thought. And if someone dosen’t agree well that’s their opinion and I have mine. We are all people.

Wow , i write a lot , if you read to the end well done! If you can relate say so in the comments! That’s all from me!
C ya later , from Little Owl.


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