The Society of Imaginary Friends 

Ok I promised a book review and here it is!😄

First Impressions

The Title
So when I first read the title I was thinking “This sounds like something I would read” but when I told my friends the title people would make comments about how childish it sounds e.t.c. But I have words of advice : don’t be deceived by the title ( I hope I’m using the right term 😐) 

The Cover

So the cover doesn’t show any faces but it does show the backs of heads ( does that make sense 😂🙈) The fact that it doesn’t show any faces is great as it can’t ruin how you imagine a character. For example I was reading a book and then it mentioned a character having a mustache and that just ruined my image of the character. Any way back to THIS book. Oops!

The Content

It is a magical  adventure of a young , parentless girl called Valarie who’s life is in danger.

Dun dun duunnn……

This book had me on edge alot but kept me reading (even when I was at school..In my lunch time). Magic and fantasy have been my thing latley so this was perfect!

Okay you can read this book on Watt Pad for FREE or buy all 4 off Amazon! Thank you to the amazing author Kristen Pham for giving me permission to do this book review (sorry if it is not as good as you expected and feel free to get intouch if you want me to make any changes)

Soon there will be a pucture of the cover once I get more time! 

Blogity Blogger is saying “goodbye ” ❤️


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