Me? Organised?

Hiya , it’s Little Owl! I thought I would try something a little different this time ,let me know what you think!

So the amount of times you have probably read tips or watched videos on how to stay organised when revising or doing work is probably a ridiculously large number. Because I have the same thing! I’m such a procrastinator so this time is usually spent avoiding work than getting helpful tips! So if you have organization sorted then this blog post is kinda useless to you, sorry! C ya later! If you just as unorganised like the rest of us then ,please continue as I list ideas on how to get work done!

  1. To do lists -Once you write different stages of your revision down believe me it becomes easier! You have a clear plan on how to work ,which means you can schedule on breaks! For example: Fractions ,Decimals (10 Minute break -read a blog post) Percentages ,Overall questions, Done for the night!  It also means you can tick of each stage once you have done them!

2. Read Aloud – If you stay things out loud to yourself you will accomplish two things. You will sound like a weirdo to anyone who hears you and also you will remember this information more easily. I think sounding like a weirdo is worth the latter. As the words are said out loud you may be able to picture them more easily and understand them better than if they were just being read in your head. Even better get someone else to read out loud , you can both talk about fractions together! Yay! : /

3. Notes around your room – yes the ultimate geek always has post-it-notes around their room! That being myself when revising. If you say put a fact by your bed and another by a mirror the idea is you travel from one place to another to see each fact meaning you travel and form a pattern. This in my opinion makes it easier to remember different events. It’s the whole “This leads to approach” .

Right ,these are tips from a nonqualified blogger but i hope it helps in anyway. I have tests coming up so I thought this would be appropriate. That’s all from me for now ,

C ya later from Little Owl.



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