Thinking Outside the Box!

Hello again, I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything recently ,I could come up with lots of excuses but I none of them would be worth you reading and taking up your time ,so like I said sorry!

Recently I have been having a bit of a creative block ,like when I’m coming up with ideas for some art work ,everyone else seems sorted and I’m like “errrr..”!

However if you hate art or any even creative writing ,then there has to have been one time when you can’t think outside the box. You are stuck in the box. And you have no idea how to lift the lid! (Nice metaphor right?)

People say inspiration is everywhere and to write or draw or think about what you know ,yet this time inspiration must literally be on the other side of town ,cause I can’t find it! So does anyone else know how to generate ideas when and where they are needed? I have been powering through and I am now quite pleased with my work even though there is still things to finish.

Maybe this is just human nature that I can’t think of a creative and clever way to finish this blog post! 🙂 Okay if anyone reading this has helpful top tips to how to stay inspired please write them in the comments as I’m sure I’m not the only one who goes through this! Please!

That’s all from me ,I really appreciate you reading this ramble about me complaining and I do hope you can relate!

C ya later! from Little Owl. : )


Imagination is a heartbreaker 

Books are amazing they let your imagination roam free and take you to a new world especially when your sleeping,dreaming.

After my recent book binge I’ve  been thinking I wander what this would be like if I found this place and I often manage to weave myself into my story .

But (there’s always a but 😕) I realised this isn’t going to happen my imagination has broke my heart many times but (again with the buts ,hehe buts) I love it!

I know I’m so childish (I’m still silently laughing at my but joke *face palm*) but (gahh) sometimes I get fed up of trying to act older than my age  wich I will be talking about soon;). 

Sorry I know the post is a bit  allover the place .

Blogity Blogger is saying “goodbye “❤️

Watt Pad

So I have started a Watt Pad account and the profile name is Blogity Blogger ! I have started writing a rubish book that need alot of criticism off of all of our viewers!

Okay , good bye for now ❤️!