Imagination is a heartbreaker 

Books are amazing they let your imagination roam free and take you to a new world especially when your sleeping,dreaming.

After my recent book binge I’ve  been thinking I wander what this would be like if I found this place and I often manage to weave myself into my story .

But (there’s always a but 😕) I realised this isn’t going to happen my imagination has broke my heart many times but (again with the buts ,hehe buts) I love it!

I know I’m so childish (I’m still silently laughing at my but joke *face palm*) but (gahh) sometimes I get fed up of trying to act older than my age  wich I will be talking about soon;). 

Sorry I know the post is a bit  allover the place .

Blogity Blogger is saying “goodbye “❤️


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