High School Musical IRL

Hiya everyone, Little Owl here!

I would like to talk about something that’s been going through my head a lot recently. How to cope with “drama” . Now I usually try and avoid “drama” ,I try to keep my opinions to myself when necessary and I’m not as outspoken as some of my friends. I’m not saying being outspoken is bad it’s just how you are and how you interact with others and that’s okay.

But then I realised that all the “drama” I hear about sounds like something out of High School Musical. (Don’t worry I love those films growing up and I will always be a wildcat) They seemed somewhat overly dramatic over things that come next year , hold on , come next week nobody remembers! And people have moved on. And yet “drama” happens and everyone freaks out about it. Some take it way too seriously , others couldn’t care less ,some just don’t known how to react to it.     ( the latter is usually me , just sitting in a corner confused like “what’s going on?”)

Just rember that some ” drama” can really offend some people and even if they have an opinion you disagree with, maybe consider just walking away , leaving the conversation and looking epic doing it? It couldn’t hurt to try?

This ramble was more just to clear my head , so I appologize if you found it dull , I’m sure everyone reading this is awesome and I didn’t mean to rant on about this! That’s all from me!

C ya later , Little Owl! 💚




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