Waiting for summer… 😎

Hiya, this is Little Owl! Okay so now blogity blogger is back (back again…) and I have somewhat almost finished all of my end of year exams (which have not been fun!) and I’m ready to start posting more rambles for your enjoyment!

And I’m feeling very summery at the moment and what I love to do each summer is write a list of things I aim to complete in the holidays. It includes quite mudane things like any homework or projects but also more enjoyable tasks that I have been waiting ages to do! So I need to start thinking of tasks to do outside in the sun (and indoors 5 minutes later when it starts to rain). I still have a while left before the summer but I already have a few definite tasks on my list!

So my challenge is to anyone reading to start coming up with their own list and tell me about it in the comments below, I will hopefully be posting some more posts about tasks on my list and if I got round to doing them later.

Thats all from me at the moment! C ya later…. From Little Owl! 🌤