Draft Chapter 

So I’m re- writing a story that I posted on Wattpad, I’m changing the plot and the style so I thought I would let you see , review and judge the draft of the …. Well prologue maybe? So here it goes!


I’m Clara.
My mum was a young parent, she had me at the age of 17. I mean we all make mistakes right?

My Dad, well he is a whole other story.
My Mum dropped out of collage so she could look after me. She could have just left me to a child minder or my nan but she didn’t, she put her life on hold so I could live mine.
My mum was still young though, a typical teenager who wanted to have fun so I got used to having a large group of my mums friends at our house having fun and a drink here and there.
When I got older I was used to drunk people in my house, it was completely normal for me but what I didn’t realise was that this isn’t considered ‘normal’ . In a ‘normal’ family your parents weren’t split up , your mother didn’t have you at a young age and they didn’t have their child in their house while they were drinking and smoking. 
They say that’s what happens in a ‘normal’ family. 
Well my reply is ‘Define normal’ . Go on do it . 
Oh yeah that’s right, you can’t. You each have your own definition of normal and this was mine.
Even after my mum ‘grew up’ I still remembered all these things that happened.

When I was talking to one of my friends I became self conscious about my past family life. He had never seen his mum drunk , smoking or depressed.
I’m going to ask you afew questions.

Do you remember when you where really young? Do you remember that irrational fear you had?

Maybe it was the classic of monsters are hiding under your bed. 
Well as I got older I learnt that the monsters aren’t under your bed they’re inside your head.
The problem with the monsters inside your head don’t disappear as you get older, they get replaced.
Some of these monsters are more serious others still irrational. Some of these monsters are in disguise hiding amongst the others waiting to pounce.
So that’s it! I’m aware that I posted twice in one night in the tiniest space of time!

These last two post have had a konda serious nature around them …  Oops? Oh yeah and I discovered that * ^ – ^ * without spaces inbetween makes this 🐱 on wordpress at least! That’s how it magically appeared in my last post 😂

Blogity Blogger is saying “good bye ” 🍰


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