I know such a creative title…

So this is just some random stuff because I am brain dead.

There is a possibility I will end up talking to myself in this post so you have been warned!

1. I lack the ability to type.
I have already made multiple errors in this blog post, I’m not even going to lie. Don’t even get me started on my Wattpad account… I did have a screen shot as an example but it won’t let me import it.

2. I think I’m an otaku ( I think I spelt it right.) 
I’m deadly serious when I say this, don’t call me a weeaboo. That is actually really quite offensive. I would try to explain but I’m no good at explaining so watch this instead. WARNING I’m just going to say watch at your own risk, there is nothing gross or inappropriate (I don’t think at least 0-0)  but if you get easily offended and it takes you a while to catch onto jokes you might not want to watch. I’m not saying that the whole video is a joke though because it definitely isn’t!

The first tiny tiny bit is a little bit of a joke I admit.

3. I’m really into music.
It’s actually really important to me. A lot of music I listen to has meaning within the lyrics, I actually only listen to a few ‘nonsense’ songs.  I can’t imagine a world without music… Woah that went somewhere else O_O

4. I struggle to sleep.

I have from a young age and this last year ( it’s probably less) or so it started to get slightly better but now it’s just dropped down to ‘what even is sleep?’ again so yay me! 
That was random and you got to know a little more about me but this post seems extremely serious today . I don’t do serious very often, well I do but it’s a more fun type of serious in my opinion.

Soo that’s all , please nag at me for every grammatical error I have made, I really need you to . Comment down below for suggestions or just to leave your opinion, negative or positive I don’t mind 🐱

Blogity Blogger is saying “good bye” 🍭⭐️


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