The Project (updated)

This is probably going to be really short but oh well. 

I have been busy this summer with a school project that certain people were selected to do. 

I chose to do mine about mental health and the history of mental health care and treatment. When I told the teacher who was in charge of all this found oyt what project I was doing she sort of ended up looking like a gold fish: opening her mouth then closing it again but not a single noise escaping.

I am also one of the youngest people doing this project as my birthday is late in the academic year.

Here are the topics my friends did:

• Horses (she is an amazing horse rider and knows what she is doing with horses)

• Photography ( her pictures are amazing and I have also let her use some of my photography, which is rarely very good but when I’m on outings I will just send her images that I have taken)
• Magic ( he is amazing at card tricks many of the people in our school now given him the nick name of a very popular magician)

•Gaming ( this dude has his own gaming channel!)
• The History of Lego ( I honestly can’t wait for this one!!)

I don’t know what I was trying to get at in this post… Oopsie?

Blogity Blogger is saying ‘ good bye’ 👋⭐️

P.s I was given an extension on this project and it is now due the first week back. I was so thankful that we goy that extension because I was starting to panic. Me and a group of people from the project were talking about how happy we were ! 


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