What is Phil- fic?

I am here today to tell you what Phil-fic is! *drum roll*
Phil-fic is the name I have given to  the stories written by an amazing author on Wattpad! Her name is Hannah ! I will now link her down below!


It is called Phil-fic because her nickname is Phil and she writes the best fanfiction ever. 

I used to think fanfiction was a bad thing util I read one of her books, I was hooked and couldn’t stop reading and so I went on to read pretty much all of her fanfiction.
She also has purely amazing talent and has written some books with her own plot and characters! 

I was just looking in her profile now and she has added more books since the last time I checked! Ack! 

She is also extremely kind and replies to every comment! We have had many great conversations through the comments and she even took the time to wish me a happy birthday! 🐱 I look up to this amazing beautiful girl so much.

I really hope you check out her work, she deserves the praise. Go on, tell her I sent you! 
This post was just something really quick and casual, lacking in many things but I hope you enjoyed it anyway!
Blogity Blogger is saying “good bye ” 🤓📚


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