Is it weird that I can spell schizophrenia and schizophrenic without help but I can’t spell procrastination?
Anyway back to my original topic, procrastination. The topic that just about everyone has covered .

I have seriously procrastinated with this blog as and this post and when school comes around I might procrastinate on homework but it usually depends in the subject.

Right now I’m procrastinating with my character sketches that I need to finish. 
Each day comes around and it will get so late and I don’t have my phone to look at my reference images so I say to myself ‘Oh I’ll do it tommorrow ‘ then I don’t …

Today I said to myself ‘When I take a break from this project I will start my character sketches’ then when I took a break I ended up playing Animal Crossing, I’m not even going to lie.

What do you procrastinate about?

Well I’m going to start those characters now… hopefully xD
Blogity Blogger is saying “good bye” 💖


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