How to ramble on about nothing! 😂😅🤓

Hiya! Little Owl speaking, and it’s September which means it’s basically Christmas! Well kinda, not really, but I saw Christmas decorations in a shop today so it’s basically time to get the Christmas albums out! Any way not the point of this post.

So I’m going into a big year at school with lots of exams but lots of different more exciting things as well. And it’s just a little daunting cause I’ve done all these summery things in my time off and now I have to get back into a routine. And I know the deadlines are gonna be insane! Nevertheless I will keep going ,do the work and not procrastinate (I make no real promise on the last one!) So this post isn’t really about “keeping going! U just gotta do the work and the essays and the tests! It’s not easy but u will do it!” ,it’s not really what I’m saying. There are plenty of people more qualified than I to say that and give advice!

But it’s more of a reminder to me as I write this (and anyone who has read this far 😂👍🏻) that whenever you feel utterly stressed and a little daunted it okay, cause that is a normal reaction! Everyone else is getting a little worried as well! So yeah that it a really long winded way of staying it’s just okay! It’s best to get excited than worried about things that may be slightly out of your control! Cause that means it’s defiantly gonna be an something different and interesting.

Right that’s all from me who really needs just stop bothering you guys with random stuff like this! That post was more than a little all over the place but hay all good things! I went on for way to long about nothing in particular really! Lol! Well just so typically me!🙂

C ya later,from Little Owl!


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