I have no plan…😅

Hiya ,it’s little owl speaking! And tomorrow I need a plan. And not just any plan ,a plan for the future!

But I got nothing. Tomorrow I am going to have a meeting about what I would like to do with the rest of my life. Yeah. It’s so hard to make a descion right now because there are so many options. I mean I would like to do something I  enjoy  but then there is so much pressure to have a plan. I mean I usually try to be organised but really who has any idea.

Its all so confusing and maybe I should just try and chill ,because really who actually can truly organise their life perfectly! Because I defiantly know I can’t!

That’s all from me and I still don’t know what to say tomorrow maybe just some ideas and thoughts that I enjoy at the moment? I apologise if this post wasn’t interesting it was more me trying to clear my thoughts. But maybe it might help someone else as well??

C ya later ,from Little Owl.



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