How old are you?

Hiya it’s Little Owl! Right so I would like to know if anyone can relate to this one. If you cannot then please tell me as I can confirm that it’s another part of me being weird and a geek! 🤓

Yesterday I was talking to one of my relatives and they said that growing up they were always arguing with their siblings! And the conversation went on about how about I am probably quite unusually chill in general and that I’m unusually mature for my age! Don’t get me wrong it’s not like I act too bizarrely (although that could be debated) or anything and I am very clearly a 4 year old when it comes to things like Disney movies. But I’m very unconfrentational , So maybe I come across as more mature?

I’m the youngest in my group of friends but I’m definitely the most “mature” ( is this the wrong word to use?) and quite sensible. I know this because they right out told me. 😂 Of course I like to have fun and am just as much of weirdo as anyone else though!

So is this normal? I think my personality must just be that! (Not normal at all!) Right that’s all from me of on a tangent once again!

C ya later!

Ps. It’s almost the end of November! It’s basically CHRISTMAS!


Getting Spacers (separators ) 

I call them blue elastics someone else called them blue deals and the internet knows them as spacers or separators .

I’m going to tell you what getting spacers is like as I got them today!

If you don’t know what spacers are they are basically blue elastics place between your molars to create a space for when you have a brace.
I have spacers for another reason as well but I’m not going to go into that.
It’s really weird because I can only feel one of them because that was the tooth that had the smallest amount of space between it.
When you eat, in my opinion, it can make your mouth a little bit sore but again it was only for the tooth that had the least amount of space between it.

*uses the magic of editing *
It’s now the next day and nothing happened, there was no pain whatsoever which is always good. I almost ate something sticky that would have pulled them out though… oopsie?
I also got my moulds done yesterday and I was so nervous I had to stop myself from laughing. It’s weird, I need to laugh when I’m overly nervous. 
I’ll be sure to tell you about my braces when I get them!
Have you ever had to have braves or a retainer? If not are you going to have them in the future?
Blogity Blogger is saying “Good Bye” ⭐️


Only the first part of this is going to probably relate languages.
Does anyone else know or is in the process of learning a language? In primary school I did French and in secondary school I’m doing Spanish and Chinese as a club after school. Me and Spanish don’t really get along. I think I did alright on my Spanish test this week though I only missed 2 questions surprisingly.
In my own time I’m also learning BSL (British Sign Language) and Latvian .

I know my alphabet, some colours and a nursery rhyme in BSL and I’m enjoying it more than verbal languages if I’m honest.
How has everyone’s week been so far ? 
Mine had been slightly busy but I’m managing xD ! 
I know this is only short but I have some more work to do so if you want to see more of me I’m constantly on Wattpad 😀 my user is Blogity Blogger.

Blogity Blogger is saying “Good bye” 🎶