Such a Fangirl.

Hiya! Little Owl here and I am slightly obsessed with reading and books of various series and authors. Yes I am what you may call a  fangirl.

And the reason I’m telling you this is because I have just finished a book that was SO GOOD! I’m still emotionally recovering before I start reading the next. I’ve noticed I get so invested in stories and the characters I need to pause for breath before going onto the next adventure. I am also one of these people who prioritise reading over sleep… 😂😁

I have a never ending to read list and I will slowly get my hands on them (seriously when did books get so expensive!) and I frequently talk to my friends about them who share the same excitement for reading. So what I’m trying to say is be proud of doing whatever you really enjoy doing! If it’s movies or books or any type of sport or YouTube or makeup and fashion or drawing or music! Yay for you! So thank you authors who write these amazing stories! You may have ruined any chance of a social life for me.

I just wanted to remind anyone who may be reading this to be excited for the things anad goings on in 2017!

Right that’s all from me! C ya later!


(Very late) Happy New Year! 

First post of 2017… at least it’s in January! XD

Has anyone got any New Years resolutions? 

Mine is to actually sleep! 

So it’s that year where I have to make decisions… options evening is in February and I still don’t know what I want to do with my future! To be honest I think the only time I’ve ever really had an idea of what I wanted to do was at the beginning of year 7. I wanted to be a forensic scientist… goodness knows what happened to that dream! I still carry a large interest in forensic science but I no longer consider pursuing a career in it.
I have a slight idea of what subjects I want to take but I don’t know what to do with them. I guess I’ll just have to figure that out.
So I had parents evening this week. It went really well but to get an outstanding in dance I need to do dance after school because I apparently have potential. I disagree but I do dance after anyway, I’ve only done it once so far and it’s actually pretty fun. 
The only negative thing about it is on that day I have dance period 2 then a double period of PE and now I have dance after school aswell so I’m really tired by the time I get home.
I’m not planning as takibgdance as  a GCSE so there isn’t really any reason why I’m doing it after school, I guess I’m just taking advantage of the time I have while I can.

I hopw you all have a great week and I will try and update more but no promises xD!
Blogity Blogger is saying “Good Bye” ❤