Such a Fangirl.

Hiya! Little Owl here and I am slightly obsessed with reading and books of various series and authors. Yes I am what you may call a  fangirl.

And the reason I’m telling you this is because I have just finished a book that was SO GOOD! I’m still emotionally recovering before I start reading the next. I’ve noticed I get so invested in stories and the characters I need to pause for breath before going onto the next adventure. I am also one of these people who prioritise reading over sleep… 😂😁

I have a never ending to read list and I will slowly get my hands on them (seriously when did books get so expensive!) and I frequently talk to my friends about them who share the same excitement for reading. So what I’m trying to say is be proud of doing whatever you really enjoy doing! If it’s movies or books or any type of sport or YouTube or makeup and fashion or drawing or music! Yay for you! So thank you authors who write these amazing stories! You may have ruined any chance of a social life for me.

I just wanted to remind anyone who may be reading this to be excited for the things anad goings on in 2017!

Right that’s all from me! C ya later!


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